Draft for public comment

Draft Standards are available for public comment for a specified period (usually 8 weeks). Standards proposed to be withdrawn are open for comment for 2 weeks. Drafts can be downloaded free. You can browse drafts or search for specific drafts by selecting draft status and using a keyword or number.

DZ 8510  (Committee P 8510)

Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties

The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance on reducing people’s risks of exposure to harm caused by the presence of unacceptable levels of methamphetamine residues in properties and other assets. The draft standard sets out procedures for testing properties for contamination, steps needed to decontaminate properties, and testing required after decontamination to ensure that properties are safe to occupy. Comments are sought on this draft standard, including two options presented in the draft dealing with methamphetamine residue clean-up levels to guide the decontamination of contaminated properties.

Closing date for comments 20/02/2017