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We work hard to ensure our documents are up to date. This means that we are constantly developing and publishing amendments, revisions and new standards solutions. Sign up now to our Keep me up to date (KMUTD) service to receive updates on these publications.

Note: This service excludes documents within the ISO, IEC, and BSI catalogues. To receive notifications of updates to Standards in these catalogues, take advantage of our Asset Plus service. You can also receive hardcopies of the latest versions of New Zealand (NZS), Australian (AS), and joint (AS/NZS) Standards through Asset Plus.

Touchstone e-zine

Touchstone is our free web-based magazine. It is regularly updated with the latest news on standards (New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand, and international) and what is happening in the standards world. When you subscribe to Touchstone, you will receive a short email every month highlighting some feature articles and an update from our chief executive.

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