NZS/AS 1319:1994

Safety signs for the occupational environment

This document has been re-assessed by the committee, and judged to still be up to date.

Provides for signs using a system of coded shapes and colours with symbols which pictorially describe hazards (i.e. signs for conveying safety instructions without relying on any text message), and signs with text (words and numerals) messages (including recommendations for multi-lingual signs); accident prevention tags are also covered. The signs are classified as regulatory; caution (warning); emergency-related information (including fire signs). All standard symbolic (pictorial) signs are reproduced in colour and examples are included, also in colour, of text-type signs. Photometric and colorimetric properties of the sign materials are dealt with, and recommendations on styles and sizes of sign lettering are included.

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Published: 17/04/1994

Pages: 40

Committee:  SF/05

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Composites Based On Synthetic Resins (Fibreglass) - Code Of Practice For Health And Safety In The Manufacture Of

Ministry:  WorkSafe New Zealand
Section:  4

Citation Context:
Notices prohibiting smoking shall be prominently displayed in and at the entrances to hazardous areas or workrooms. All such notices should comply with NZS/AS 1319: Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

Guide To Health And Safety In The Timber Processing Industry

Ministry:  WorkSafe New Zealand
Section:  1.4 Good practice for safe access

Citation Context:
Appropriate signs: Your signs need to follow the correct colour code contained in the standard NZS/AS 1319 :1994 : Safety signs for the occupational environment.

Preparing for a Chemical Emergency HSNO C oP 36-1 02-12

Ministry:  Responsible Care New Zealand Inc
Section:  3.8.1

Preparing for a Chemical Emergency HSNO C oP 36-1 02-12

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Approved Code Of Practice For The Management Of Noise In The Workplace

Ministry:  WorkSafe New Zealand
Section:  6.4 Hearing Protector Areas

Citation Context:
The signs used to identify these areas and machines should conform to the specifications in NZS/AS 1319. (See Figure 5 on following page.) The construction, location, maintenance and use of signs should conform to Section 4 of NZS/AS 1319.

Signage for Premises Storing Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods HSNOCoP 2-1 09-04

Ministry:  Responsible Care New Zealand Inc
Section:  7 References

Control Guide Management Of Noise At Work

Ministry:  WorkSafe New Zealand

Citation Context:
The New Zealand/Australian Standard NZ/AS 1319 details rules for the design and use of safety signs. This can be obtained from Standards New Zealand, Wellington.

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